23 Adolescent Residential Mental Health and Addiction Programs in Ohio

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It’s never easy for parents to accept that their child may need help beyond what they can provide. Those years between puberty and young adult can be difficult, with children experiencing all sorts of physical, emotional, and social changes.

It is also during adolescence when mental health illnesses become prevalent, or teens may experiment with addictive substances. Early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to a successful recovery.

Throughout Ohio, adolescent residential mental health treatment programs, addiction treatment programs, and treatment centers for co-occurring mental health and addiction illnesses are available to lend parents a helping hand.

This directory provides a listing of Ohio treatment programs that cater to adolescents. It lists information on the type of facility, the treatment programs available, whether the treatment center is gender-specific, and the ages the programs serve.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is only meant to serve as a list of residential mental health and/or addiction programs that exist in Ohio. This list should not be considered an endorsement of any of these programs.

1. Lindner Center of Hope

The Williams House is a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and intensive adolescent treatment program designed for adolescents ages 11 through 17 with both mental health and addiction illnesses. The treatment plan consists of a specialized diagnostic stay that results in the best psychopharmacologic treatment approach.

Treatment focuses on building life skills, family education, and family participation in the treatment and recovery plan. Emphasis is placed on cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, and group sessions that cover life skills, substance abuse, anxiety, and relapse prevention.

Spiritual enrichment and fitness activities are incorporated into the daily schedule. Other treatment options for children at Lindner Center of Hope include inpatient hospitalization services or a partial hospitalization program for ages 12 to 17, and outpatient consultations and therapy for adolescents and children as young as age two.

Details: 4075 Old Western Row Road, Mason, Ohio 45040; phone: 513-536-HOPE (4673), toll-free: 1-888-536-HOPE (4673).

2. Applewood Centers

The Apple Blossom for Girls inpatient treatment program and the Orchard for Boys residential treatment program caters to youth ages 11 to 18 with severe behavioral and emotional illnesses. A treatment plan is established after a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, with program components consisting of psychiatric care, psychological testing, medication management, milieu therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, expressive art therapies, therapeutic recreation and garden programs, specialized educational services, and individualized services. A focus is placed on self-management, character and leadership development, and creating a positive peer culture.

Details: 2525 East 22nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44115; phone: 216-696-6870.

3. Ohio Guidestone(http://www.ohioguidestone.org/index.php/programs-services/residential-treatment-programs)

Serving children and adolescents ages seven to 18 with behavioral or mental health problems, the residential treatment campus provides mental health services to meet a child’s individual needs. A dual diagnosis program is available for children ages 12 to 18 with both mental health and chemical dependency issues. The campus includes a school with regular and special education curriculums that all children attend during their stay.

Details: 202 East Bagley Road, Berea, Ohio 44017; phone: 440-234-2006, toll-free: 1-800-639-4974.

4. Beech Brook

A comprehensive residential treatment program for children and teens with severe mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Treatment services include diagnostic assessment, individual, group, and family therapies, psychiatric and medical services, music and art therapy, and transition support with schools and families. An intensive treatment unit is available for children and teens with aggressive or self-harming behaviors. A campus-based school fills educational needs during the residential stay and is part of the Orange School District.

Details: 3737 Lander Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44124; phone: 216-831-2255, toll-free: 1-877-546-1225.

5. Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau (JCB)

Four levels of service – co-occurring integrated treatment, intensive treatment, stabilization critical care, and transitional living – are offered in a serene setting that includes an indoor pool. The residential treatment facility uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat mental health and/or addiction issues and to develop the physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being of the child or young adult, with an emphasis on building upon individual strengths.

Details: 22001 Fairmount Boulevard, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44118; phone: 216-320-8502, toll-free: 1-800-879-2522.

6. Abraxas Ohio

The residential treatment center caters to adolescent males with complex needs, such as mental illness, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities. Using the Sanctuary Model® for trauma informed care, the treatment program is targeted towards achieving recovery through specific and measurable behavioral outcomes.

Details: 2775 State Route 39, Shelby, Ohio 44875; phone: 419-747-3504, toll-free: 1-800-680-5747.

7. Geauga Youth Center

Located in a rural setting, the residential treatment program is open to boys and girls ages 12 to 17 with moderate or serious behavioral and emotional functioning due to a mental illness or substance abuse dependency. Treatment approaches include a psychiatric evaluation, a drug and alcohol treatment program, individual, group, and family therapies, cognitive-behavioral assessment, independent living skills, and support groups. An on-site school offers teacher-led academic programs and online learning.

Details: 12557 Ravenwood Drive, Chardon, Ohio 44024; phone: 440-279-2092.

8. Thompkins Treatment

With three residential treatment facilities, the program serves male and female youth ages 12 to 18 with mental health disorders. Intensive, individualized programming focuses on a pro-social point/phase system, with each youth involved in developing his or her individual service plan to address the specific mental health need(s). Treatment approaches include milieu therapy groups, daily goals groups, individual, group, and family therapies, and pharmacotherapy services. Youths attend public school during their inpatient care, with certified teachers available on-site to provide assistance.

Details: 121 N. 18th Street, Cambridge, Ohio 43725; phone: 740-432-5130.

9. Northcutt Residential Treatment Center

Focused on treating elementary school-aged boys with severe mental health issues related to trauma, abuse, or neglect, the treatment program addresses self-harm, aggressive, oppositional, defiant, and other high-risk behaviors. The multidisciplinary approach is based on the trauma-informed care best practice model. Types of mental health treatment include individual, family, and group therapies, psychiatric and nursing services, individual and group chemical dependency counseling, socialization, and recreation and outdoor activities. On-site educational services are provided that coordinate with the academic work of the student’s home school district.

Details: 4950 Northcutt Place, Dayton, Ohio 45414; phone: 937-496-2020.

10. Oesterlen Services for Youth

Offering residential programs serving ages 12 to 18 with emotional and behavioral problems, the cottage setting offers gender-specific facilities. Mental health treatment services are built on a Christian values model and include treatment teams consisting of a primary therapist, a consulting psychiatrist, a nurse, a teacher, child care supervisors and workers, recreation and art therapy workers and a spiritual advisor.

Details: 1918 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield, Ohio 45503; phone: 937-399-6101.

11. Pomegranate Health Systems

In providing residential treatment to teens ages 12 to 17 with mental health and behavioral disorders, the program embraces both an integrated and evidence-based model of care. Under the direction of psychiatrists, the multidisciplinary approach features intensive individual, group and family therapies, case management, and art therapy.

Details: 765 Pierce Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43223; phone: 614-223-1650, toll-free: 1-800-476-3139.

12. St. Vincent Family Center

Working with children ages five to 13 with chronic and severe behavioral, emotional, or social problems, the center specializes in treating children with self-destructive or violent behavior. The residential/respite services are coordinated by a pediatric psychiatrist, registered nurses, and medical and psychiatric therapists. The program features therapeutic techniques and approaches, including impulse control, body boundaries, peer social skills, conflict resolution, appropriate identification and expression of feelings, and individual, group and family therapy sessions. Families are required to be extensively involved in the mental health treatment process, which is designed to develop the strengths and resources of the child.

Details: 1490 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205; phone: 614-252-0731.

13. St. Joseph Orphanage

The residential program caters to youths with behavioral and emotional disorders. The comprehensive treatment program is holistic, treating each area of the child’s life through psychiatric treatment and individual therapy. On-campus activities are designed to build personal growth and include a mini-bike program, various team sports, diverse group activities, and education programs. Parents are encouraged to attend family therapy and treatment planning meetings.

Details: 5400 Edalbert Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45239; phone: 513-741-3100.

14. Talbert House

The youth residential program serves boys and girls ages 12 to 17 with mental and behavioral health illnesses. Following an assessment, the gender responsive treatment program includes primary care, medication management, life skills development, parenting education and relapse prevention, victimization and abuse, substance abuse prevention, family functioning, self-help recovery groups, and individual, group and family counseling.

Details: 2600 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206; phone: 513-751-7747.

15. The Buckeye Ranch

The family-centered residential treatment program serves children and adolescents, ages 10 to 18, with serious mental health illnesses, substance abuse concerns, and behavioral challenges. The adolescent treatment program follows a strength-based approach and taps into neuroscience for assessment and treatment. The focus is on a successful transition back into the community by providing applicable treatment and skills.

Details: 697 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215; phone: 614-384-7700.

16. River Centre Clinic

The mental health agency offers a residential program for male and female adolescents with serious eating disorders and other mental health illnesses. The treatment program focuses on symptom reduction skills, relapse prevention, stress management techniques, emotional and social skills, and assertiveness. Individual, group, and family therapies, as well as educational services, are part of the program.

Details: 5465 Main Street, Sylvania, Ohio 43560; phone: 419-885-8800, toll-free: 1-877-212-5457.

17. New Directions

Offers a gender-specific residential treatment program for chemical dependency and a dual diagnosis residential treatment program, both for adolescents. The multidisciplinary program for drug and alcohol addiction includes individual therapy, 12-step recovery meetings, life skills training, physical recreation, and group therapy. A full-day school program is coordinated with the Orange City Schools and is taught by full-time teachers. The dual diagnosis program is for male adolescents and covers medication management, relapse prevention, art therapy, and individual and group therapies.

Details: 30800 Chagrin Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44124; phone: 216-591-0324, toll-free: 1-800-750-6709.

18. Maryhaven

The gender-specific residential treatment center provides care for boys and girls ages 12 to 18 with mental health illnesses and alcohol and drug addiction. Diverse treatment modalities are designed to provide individualized, holistic treatment. Residential treatment services include a psychological assessment, drug and alcohol counseling, psychiatric services, participation in 12-step groups, behavior management, pharmacological management, recreation and art therapy, anger management counseling, life skills development, and individual, group, and family counseling. Educational services that follow the Columbus city schools curriculum is provided, along with special education services.

Details: 1791 Alum Creek Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43207; phone: 614-445-8131.

19. Rescue Mental Health Services

Serving children and adolescents with mental health disorders, the residential treatment program specializes in bipolar, oppositional defiant, and attention deficit disorders, as well as major depression. It is also designed to help youth with severe behavioral issues, such as impulsive or self-harming actions. Mental health treatment is individualized and includes a mental health assessment, individual and group counseling, family meetings, and pharmacological management.

Details: 3350 Collingwood Boulevard, Toledo, Ohio 43610; phone: 419-255-9585.

20. Carrington Academy

The youth residential treatment program for ages eight to 21 addresses severe and/or chronic mental illness and/or addiction. The client-centered approach promotes individualized treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, and behavioral disorders. The program taps into various services depending on the needs of the child. Among the treatment services are anxiety and mood management, DBT informed therapy, coping, anger and stress management, ODD/conduct disorder therapy, individual, family and relational therapies, medical and psychiatric care, therapeutic martial arts, and recreational services.

Details: 2114 Noble Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44112; phone: 216-268-2400.

21. Fox Run Center

Offers four residential treatment programs for youth, adolescents, and teens exhibiting mental illness and/or behavioral problems. The Dreams program is for ages five to 12, with treatment focusing on managing mental health related problems. The Visions program is for ages 12 to 17 and provides modification treatment for co-occurring mental illnesses, along with educational services. The Stepping Stones program for ages 12 to 17 offers separate, multidisciplinary, therapeutic treatment and educational services for male and female adolescents. The Fast Track Stabilization program for children and adolescents provides intensive treatment within a shorter time frame for those seeking transitional care or assessment and treatment recommendations. The center has a cooperative relationship with the Oglebay Park Good Zoo Education Program to provide experiential therapy.

Details: 67670 Traco Drive, St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950; phone: 740-695-2131, toll-free: 1-800-245-2131.

22. New Beginnings

For children and adolescents, the residential treatment center addresses mental health issues and dual diagnosis of mental health and drug and alcohol abuse. The therapeutic setting features an outdoor recreation area, a café, multiple lounges, and indoor recreational areas. Treatment includes counseling services, independent living skills groups, social skill building, life strategies, anger management, and relaxation techniques.

Details: 510 Parkwood, Youngstown, Ohio 44502; phone: 330-744-9020, and 2450 Goleta Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 44505; phone: 330-746-9714.

23. Bassett House

Run by Health Recovery Services, Inc., the residential treatment program to address adolescent addiction serves young men and women ages 13 to 18. Treating addiction as a disease, the gender-specific treatment services are strength-based and include mental health services. The treatment program utilizes the biopsychosocial model of addiction that promotes a continuum of integrated care, including the 12-step recovery process, individual and group counseling, and family-focused therapeutic interventions. An on-campus school program serves the educational needs of the teens during treatment.

Details: P.O. Box 724, Athens, Ohio 45701; phone: 740-594-8108.

Choosing an inpatient treatment facility for your adolescent is an important decision, but parents can be assured that the quality of mental health treatment, addiction treatment, or co-occurring treatment will serve their children well. Many of the residential treatment programs in Ohio for adolescents are complemented with on-site schooling and activities designed to build life skills, confidence, trust, and responsibility. The ultimate goal is to establish a path that will lead adolescents to build a successful future.